Thursday, December 10, 2009

Thought I would finally post Thanksgiving

We never did the official Turkey Trot this year. It just didn't work out for the family and friends. I was actually quit relieved, my world was spinning too fast. Thanksgiving proved to be hard once again. I don't know that going on to year two is any easier than the first year. I guess it's just all part of grieving, you never know when it is going to pop up.

We did do a little "Turkey Walk". A walk around the block, that is after we ate our dinner. My family all wore their "new" Kamber shirts for this year and we took a little stroll around my in laws block. It was a lot of fun, and the kids were able to participate this year.

I love the Kamber shirts this year. We chose to do a picture! It is actually one of the whole families favorite pictures of Kamber. We of course missed our sweet little girl, but we are so grateful for our time we had her here.


Stacy said...

Those shirts are sweet Jen. That is a cute picture of Kamber.

The McNeil Family said...

I love my new shirt of sweet Kamber. Thanks for thinking of me even though I wasnt here this thanksgiving. I miss her too

Rusty and Jacquie said...

I saw your comment on my mom's (Julie) blog. I think you are talking about right?! I am on there. My little guy is can read his story on there. I think I was supposed to meet a lunch set up by brittany kunz. It is a very small does my mom know your's?